A proven track record of success

A proven track record of success

by catalyzedallas

Our Team

Catalyze Dallas is founded by seasoned entrepreneurs who have started, scaled, and driven notable returns in multiple technology verticals. Our team has grown dozens of startup ventures as well as run large multi-national divisions for public companies.  The Catalyze Dallas team utilizes their track record of introducing innovative solutions into new markets to launch proven IP from Fortune 50 and America’s largest defense companies into new scalable businesses.

Joe D’Cruz – Founder and Managing Director

Joe is a results-driven and highly entrepreneurial senior executive with achievements in both early stage and large multi-national corporate environments. He is highly accomplished at identifying and creating the vision that delivers strong profitable revenue growth while using his ‘Go Fast’ mantra to position the opportunity for sustained growth.  Joe utilizes an open-minded approach, never believing he has all the answers, instead, he is confident and secure enough to listen to what others have to contribute.  Joe is a trusted leader – the kind that inspires people to pull together and collectively achieve something great.

Tricia (Hosek) D’Cruz – Founder and Managing Director

Tricia’s career is highlighted by high growth and profitability achievements spanning early stage start-ups through multi-billion dollar operations. An entrepreneurial senior executive with proven ability to move products from innovation stage to global leadership position.  She has a track record of excellence in driving profitable turnarounds, capitalizing on market opportunity with sustained growth and profitability, and leading best in class business operations.  Tricia is a natural born leader that utilizes her deep and dynamic vision, rather than her authority, to create passionate followers and momentum toward achieving her goals.

Jon P. Bennett – Principal

Jon is a seasoned operations executive in both Fortune 500 and small-scale startup companies.  Jon augments the firm’s insights on specific markets, business sectors, and facilitates the creation of new businesses for the commercialization of proven advanced technologies.  Favoring action over inaction, Jon moves quickly to make things happen, utilizing good judgment to consider the facts available and intuition to combine what is known and unknown to make the best decision.

R. Damon Ward – Operating Partner 

Damon is a veteran business leader and CEO with deep experience founding quality companies, scaling them quickly, and exiting successfully.  He has built a reputation as an expert and an adviser of flight related matters from his success as an aerospace executive and pilot of both fixed wing and rotorcraft vehicles.  Damon has a reputation of being persistent and decisive, never wavering from a course of action until his desired results are achieved.

Dr. Slade H. Gardner – Operating Partner 

Slade is a world leading expert on advanced materials and advanced manufacturing.  He advises corporations, institutes, national laboratories and offices of the US Government on strategy, priorities and development needs towards industrial application of advanced manufacturing and materials.  Slade has a reputation of being practical in his approach and can speak to any level of audience on thermoplastic composites, nano materials, large scale additive manufacturing, and aerospace composite structures.