Leadership with character

Leadership with character

by catalyzedallas

Our Advisors

As well-respected leaders, our Board of Advisors provide us perspective, insight, and guidance garnered from their many years of experience and leadership.

Frank Cappuccio – Advisor to Defense Science Board, Former EVP Lockheed Martin/Head of Skunk Works (View Biography)

Dr. Delores M. Etter – Former Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Office of Naval Research Distinguished Chair at the United States Naval Academy, Professor Emeritus Electrical Engineering at Southern Methodist University and Former Engineering Professor at University of Colorado (View Biography)

Thomas C. Leppert  Former Mayor of Dallas, CEO Kaplan, CEO Turner Corporation, Vice Chairman Pacific Century Financial Corporation, Partner at Trammel Crow (View Biography)

Dr. Bobby B. Lyle – CEO Lyco Holdings, CEO Lyco Energy, SMU Trustee (Lyle School of Engineering) (View Biography)

Major General (Retired) Keith Thurgood, Ph.D.  Retired Army 2-Star General, former C-Level exec at PepsiCo and Sam’s Club  (View Biography)